Single Parent Families in Debt

Financial stress can be daunting even in a two-parent household-- but imagine how much more difficult a single parent has to endure when being responsible for everything! That stress is horrific at times and can become even more burdensome during a rough patch in the overall economy or workforce. The nightmare of losing a job or having additional obligations that require more and more income, such as school clothes or baby formula or even simply food to put on the table can through a wrench into a single person's budget.

If you are a single parent struggling financially-- and if you are in a situation where you are stuck making payments on a vehicle or mortgage or other item that has a payment situation-- perhaps PaymentsList can help solve a bit of your financial stress.

If you have a vehicle loan, perhaps you should list your vehicle and the details here on PaymentsList after creating a free account. It's possible you may find someone interested in the vehicle (or other items) who is willing to take over possession and the payments, thus lowering your monthly financial payout! The same applies to single parents who may be interested in downsizing their vehicle due to divorce, or the size of their home-- any payment on items of value that are overwhelming you may be of interest to someone here!

Creditworthiness is a major characteristic for a single parent -- no matter the location. If you are swimming in payment debt and not making your payments on time-- your credit is being impacted negatively. That's a major hurdle you want to avoid as much as possible!

Give PaymentsList a try-- you may find that at least a little relief is as simple as listing your item and its details, and then discover someone interested in taking it over!


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