Retired & Senior Citizens in Debt

The reality of living long enough to reach your golden years and be free of financial struggles and debt is many times out of reach for many seniors and retired people.

Older Americans face struggles in the same ways as their younger counterparts, and often without the ease of taking on employment to satisfy the struggle. Many older citizens are forced to remain in the workforce much longer than expected just to make ends meet. 

Many factors come into play regarding debt struggles in older populations: death of a spouse, lack of planning ahead, failure to secure pensions, health issues, and much more.  When these factors are combined with a fixed income or already overwhelming debt  situation, the enjoyment of retirement and what are supposed to be "the golden years" tend to take a major turn for the worse.


Automobile loan payments and mortgage payments can become far too burdensome for the elderly, and sometimes they are forced to give up their vehicles and homes to foreclosure or repossession, which only compounds their struggles even further. 

With PaymentsList, there's a little glimmer of hope for these seniors that perhaps they never thought existed. Through the use of PaymentsList, the possibility of finding someone to lift the burden of financial weight and stress, through payment acquisition for automobiles or other real property becomes a viable option.  Not only does it help them find an interested party in the items that are keeping them indebted, it helps them possibly find something more manageable that may fit their budget better. 

Considering that benefits they used to enjoy may no longer be at their disposal, seniors and retired persons can find possibly interested parties that can relieve a portion of their financial stress-- thus making it possible to get out from under high monthly payments they've found to be unrealistic and unmanageable for their budgets. This option is unique for seniors and retired men and women to consider, given that their options are more limited than those who may still be able to work and secure additional sources of income to fight off repossession, foreclosures, and bankruptcies-- all due to a car payment, house payment, or other debt that could otherwise be assumed by someone interested in taking it over.

Another reason seniors may consider this option would be to avoid leaving their indebtedness to their children or caretakers after their death. It's never too late to explore options to rise out of debt that may burden your loved ones.

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