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There are many people struggling with possible foreclosure, overwhelming debt from credit card and other financial trappings. Ranging from military service members and families, college students, single parent families, as well as those experiencing extended unemployment and even seniors, the reality of being overwhelming in a huge loan payment can be extremely stressful. Payments you may have once been able to make with no problem now are out of control and impacting your life, your family, and your credit rating. 

We provide a way to connect with others who are interested in taking.over your payments and relieving you of the worries of impending bad credit for years to come. 

We understand how stressful not being able to make payments can be. That's why we've provided this website as a source to connect those struggling with payments with those who may be willing to assume the payments and lift the burden from you! 

Consider posting a listing today and get out from under the hardship!

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PaymentsList wants to help you by providing a resource to help eliminate your overwhelming payments as best as we can. Therefore, we provide a place for you to list your items free of charge, in the forums where members will be able to navigate to those listings when signed into the site. Currently, creating an account and listings are free to post, as long as they are legitimate posts. All posts are monitored  by administrators/moderators for adherence to our standards and guidelines.. 

Success Stories

We are always excited about hearing how the site has helped people just like you get out from under debilitating debts due to payments you were struggling to make.

If you've used our site and had a success story happen in your life as a result, please share the good news with us and all our members. Send us the scoop using our Contact page!

We can't wait to hear how the site has helped you and your debt crisis!

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