What is PaymentsList?

Banks do not advertise loans that are about to go under, they cannot.  We let you list them on PAYMENTSLIST free.  If you are going to lose something anyway, why not list it free.  Get rid of it and do not lose your credit for the future.
PAYMENTSLIST is a Vanilla Forum design website.  Posts are called Discussions. It is a community friendly way to communicate with others.  Discussions are like texting one another.  Maybe you know someone who is about to lose something, because they cannot make their payments. In many cases, their homes.  Tell them about us.  We are on Facebook.
Please do not try to use this website for anything else, like advertising your own website. You will be permanently banned from participating on it in the future.    

Let's say you purchased a car, home, or piece of commercial equipment when you were gainfully employed but have since lost your job and are finding it impossible to maintain payments. Instead of risking your credit rating for years to come and compounding your financial struggles, you have the option to have some of your problems solved by transferring your item and remaining balance for the item to someone willing to take over the payments-- thus removing the stress and financial burden!

We encourage all members, both those wishing to resolve their debt issues as well those willing to take them over, to do their due diligence regarding any transactions that may result between members on this site. PaymentsList provides the platform for members to post their listing, images, and pertinent information related to their posting, as well as a locationto find listings of possible interest. However, PaymentsList does not perform any background checks, credit checks, or identification validity services. Members use the site at their own risk and are strongly encouraged to take measures to protect their own interests, including their identity and personal information. 

How Does Payments List Work?


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