Military Personnel & Families in Debt

The military servicemen and servicewomen who put their lives on the line to serve and protect our country not only face the enemy on foreign soils; they also confront a common enemy most all Americans face-- Debt..

Being in the military requires flexibility in regards to getting orders for deployment and making sure your affairs are in order prior to leaving for extended duty. Many times, this puts our military members in quite a burdensome situation when they have financial obligations that may be impacted as a result of being deployed or reassigned to a new location. 

Additionally, service members returning from their assignments often times are unable to maintain their previous financial obligations due to injury or other complications that resulted from their military assignment.  This can result in possible repossessions of automobiles, foreclosures on homes due to inability to make mortgage payments, and in many cases financial ruin where bankruptcy is a serious issue to consider just to find debt relief.

PaymentsList provides a possible solution to help our military personnel and their family members resolve overwhelming debt issues by posting a listing and finding an interested party that will take over and assume the payments for cars, homes, and other items. Many designated military assistance programs are available for various veterans' needs, but options are quite  limited when it comes to personal debt from automobile loan payments, home mortgages for primary and/or vacation homes, or other non-essential vehicles and equipment. 

If you are a military service member experiencing overwhelming financial stress due to any of the above, perhaps PaymentsList can help provide relief! Create a free account by clicking the "Create  Free Account" link at the top of this website and then create your listing for item(s) in the designated categories. If someone stumbles across your post and is interested in the item(s), they'll reply to your post and perhaps be interested enough to assume the payments and possession of the items!


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