College Students in Debt

Being a college student usually means eating cheap microwavable food and couch diving for loose change to do laundry, all while trying to study for exams and write papers that will one day result in being a force to be reckoned with in the real world! 

However, for many college students, debt is not something very easily solved. Between student loans and other financial obligations college students face, there's also the issue of taking on too much debt too quickly, which can and does result in overwhelming financial stress during an already stressful period of life.

Many special offers and promotions geared towards the collegiate aged population can be like a wolf in sheep's clothing. Special loan qualifications, automobile purchases, lines of credit, and so many other pitfalls await every college student. And sadly, many fall prey to the tactics and find themselves in a world of financial troubles.

The temptation to splurge and stretch dollars that are yet to materialize in a student's actual account is strong. This includes signing contracts for car loans and other items that are clearly not affordable, yet the temptation often times outweighs the reality that monthly payments, missed payments, and the instability of a college student wage and income need to be taken seriously, as well as the impact these have on a fresh and young credit report.  

Additionally, recent graduates who then have to face the reality of student loan repayment dates, or those unable to quickly find ample employment, or those taking the plunge and getting married-- all of these are candidates that may find PaymentsList to be a great tool to assist in breaking free from overwhelming payment debt!

PaymentsList can possibly help those college students who have found themselves sinking further and further into the debt sinkhole!

If you're a current student or recent college graduate (or know one) that is struggling to make car payments or other loan payments for items that may be of interest to someone else willing to assume those payments, create a free account and post your listing here.

You may be able to find someone who is willing to take over the payments and possession of the items, freeing you from at least part of the stress that plaques the majority of college students.  Give it a try-- it's free-- it can't hurt! 


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