At Risk for Foreclosures or Bankruptcy

Hard times are possible for everyone, and quite possibly every person who

breathes in their adult life will experience financial hardship at one point.

Many times loss of employment or being laid off, cut in pay, sickness or inability

to maintain previous income levels-- along with many, many other reasons-- 

can result in what seems to be the unthinkable-- foreclosure and/or bankruptcy.

Often times the reasons for being at risk for foreclosure or considerations of 

bankruptcy are related to various forms of debt. PaymentsList might be able

to assist in relieving some of that debt and make life and finances more

manageable, and possibly prevent foreclosures or bankruptcy.

Do you have a car loan or other payment situation for items that you simply

just cannot afford any longer? If the item is of value and your loan allows for 

someone else to assume or take over the payments, PaymentsList may be

the source of relief you've been seeking.  

Create a free account using the link at the top of this website, then create a listing of your applicable item(s) that are compounding your financial stress. It's quite possible you may find an interested party that will result in giving you some much needed financial breathing room and avoid collections, repossessions, foreclosure, and even bankruptcy. 

Give it a try-- it's free-- what could it hurt?


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