Extended Unemployed & Disabled

In Debt

Debt is a major hurdle even when the benefit of full time employment  and good health are in one's favor.  However, debt is extremely crippling at a time when jobs are hard to find or one finds themselves stricken with any form of disability.

Everyday bills begin to pill up higher and higher with no relief in sight. As more and more bills become further past due and seriously delinquent, creditors begin the constant calling and collection activities that only add to the stress factor.

Luckily, PaymentsList may be able to help!  If you are in a situation where you are in an extended unemployment sitation-- or you're newly disabled and wondering how you will ever be able to make all your necessary payment obligations for vehicles, homes, or other items for which you own and are indebted-- perhaps you should take advantage of a free account here and list your items in hopes of finding someone to assume or take over your loan payments and possession of the items that are contributing to your debt.

Vehicles, homes, recreational vehicles-- even machinery and equipment-- may be listed on PaymentsList for others to view and if interested and allowed by your loan, take that burden off your hands.  

Create a free account by clicking the link at the top of this website. It's free-- and that's a really good price! Post your listing in the appropriate category and maybe, just maybe, a portion of your debt will be an issue of the past before long!


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