Create A Premium Listing in 3 Easy Steps

Premium Listings are more visible and get more attention faster!

To have your listing featured on the Premium Listing page, simply follow 3 easy steps to get your listing featured on the Premium Listing page!

1- After you have registered your account with PaymentsList, simply create your free post (Standard 3 Day listing).

2- Complete the form below to request your listing to be added as a Premium Listing (Left side below)

3- Make your payment for the Premium Listing Option via our secure PayPal solution. (Right side below)

Step 3: Secure PayPal Payment

Now that you have created your standard listing, and sent the request to have your listing added as a Premium Listing, please click the corresponding PayPal button below that you indicated as your "Premium Listing Option" in Step 2 (the form).

Once your payment has been received, your listing will be added to the Premium Listings page for the option you chose. Note: Please do not use the buttons below unless you have submitted your form in Step 2.

Step 2: The Form Request

7 Days: $5

Step 1: Register or Sign-In & Create Standard Listing

Register a new account or Sign-In to your existing PaymentsList account to create a free 3 day Standard Listing. If you have any questions about how to create a listing, visit our site questions for assistance. Once you have your listing created, return to this page and proceed to Steps 2 and 3.

30 Days: $12

14 Days: $10